Camera Projection Mapping Issue

Started by Berube, June 04, 2019, 05:06:14 PM

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Hey guys,

I'm projecting a texture using the Camera Mapping Method, but even though I lock the camera I use to project it with, the texture seems to only listen to the viewport camera. How can I choose the camera to project from as oppose to have default to the currently active camera?



Hi Berube,

The camera projection only works with the viewport camera; it's not associated with camera positioning or saved cameras.

In your scene, you'd want to use planar projection which does remember the exact positioning used. Use the "Move Texture" button to correctly position it.

Hope that helps.

Jason Horley

I've got the same issue. It would be great to be able to lock a projection to a particular camera, and then view it from any other camera.
The planar mapping type isn't as accurate to get something in the right position.


I'm a newbie KeyShot user and had the same problem when trying to use the Camera Texture type. I exported a scene from Nuke that I had set up with projector cameras. I was able to achieve the same or better result in KeyShot, but could not figure out a way to move the view camera without it affecting my texture mapping. I tried locking my projector cameras and other things, but nothing worked. I thought that if I could move my projector camera into the Model set, then it would keep its reference point, but I could not put the camera into that hierarchy.

Locking projector cameras into a relationship with geometry is an often-used technique in other software packages, so it would be a great improvement to have in KeyShot!

Thanks for listening.