Best to all in 2020!

Started by Speedster, December 31, 2019, 09:50:37 AM

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Hi all!

First, let me wish all of us a wonderful and peaceful Holiday Season and here's looking forward to 2020!  May the New Year be creative, productive and most importantly, healthy!

I've rendered this SolidWorks model every year since 2012, with each year using the newest toys in that year's release.  So this is KeyShot 9.

Main new toy is the insane "Fuzz" used on the tree, truly the strangest CG material in history!  Also used "Satin" on the ribbons and bows, but they don't really show up that much.  Three IES spots.  Ground  is a custom "cyc" that I often use, with anodized red chrome slightly roughened up. Rendered using "Interior" mode for 30 minutes on 30 cores.  Just a touch of Photoshop Curves.

So, as my mom used to say "Onward and Upward with courage and confidence"!

Bill G