Mysterious Beauty at New Year Festival

Started by AndeeCool, December 31, 2019, 12:03:27 PM

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Hello everyone, I hope you're having a good time during holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My entry is based on the Chinese legend of Ye Xian which is one of the oldest known variants of the classical Cinderella tale.

The beautiful young lady was slaved by her step-mother and step-sister after her parents passed away. But her found solace after she came a friend with a fish with golden eyes in a lake that was a guardian spirit sent by her own mother. But her step-mother killed the fish after discovering Ye Xian's friendship with it.

An old man's spirit told her to bury the bones of the fish under her bed. He also told her that she could ask for whatever she needed to the bones by talking to the bones and it would be granted.

When the New Year Festival was approaching she gets a beautiful gown of sea-green silk and a pair of slippers.
The rest, well, we all know  how it ends.

It's my first time using Keyshot and I must say that you can  get excellent  results in almost no-time, so I was able to focus most of my attention directly to the character creation and less in the lighting setup.

To summarize, Keyshot 9 features used:
-RealCloth: Used in all the fabrics.
-Fuzz: To make the fluffy cape's neck/scarf.
-Contour Texture: Slightly outlining the skin to make it pop.
-Substance Painter import

I had so much fun, learned a lot and I'm so proud of the final result, the best way I could ever close this decade!
I'll share additional close-up renders if my computer allows it.
Making process in the first reply~

Thanks for the opportunity! I fell in love with Keyshot after this!


Making process:

For the character base I used Modo and sculpted it in ZBrush and rigged/posed in Akeytsu, with Akeytsu I got it ready for MD import as avatar. I recently got Marvelous Designer 9 and together with Keyshot 9 they both make such a BADASS COMBO!!

Created a big pinterest board of references, mixing elements from different traditional costumes that I liked. The garment itself is super simple, the wind simulation is what makes it look far more complex that it actually is.

I started putting all together in Blender, I also did the hair with bezier curves and eyelashes with hair particle systems. Then used Xolotl's Substance Painter Live Link to send all the meshes for texturing.
There I focused more on texturing  skin, makeup, eyes and hair. For the clothing I just painted the diffuse color.

Exported all the texture sets for Keyshot 9, thanks for including the SP import feature! It saved me from manually setting up those materials.

Now, my favourite features were definitely RealCloth, that I used on all the fabrics, and Fuzz!!
After a lot of experimentation with RealCloh, I came up with the perfect weave pattern to get the fabrics looking more fine and delicate. Dunno if it's physically accurate but I added an anisotropic material with transparency controller as a label to give that appeling highlight more noticeable in the orangey-red cape and obviously used the fuzz material for the cape's neck thing.

I also used a brown Contour Texture  in the skin to give it a little pop.

And after lighting and setting up cameras I procceded to render the final imagery. My younger sister that does watercolor helped me painting watercolor/ink elements in Procreate to complete the entry.
Above I attatched the render directly out of Keyshot without external editing.


Hello! I forgot to share the same render but with more samples.
Artstation link:


Beautiful! Great use of fuzz and RealCloth! And thank you for the detailed description of your process. It would be great to see more close-ups! And if you can make her move.... :-)