9.1.89 CPU NR issue

Started by 3D Off the Page, January 29, 2020, 05:15:36 AM

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3D Off the Page

Hey DriesV,

Updated to 9.1.89 to run some GPU vs CPU NR tests.  We have one job which we ran on 9.0.28 which now causes all workers to fail on 9.1.89 (CPU mode fails - GPU renders fine).  Can run other jobs CPU and GPU without a problem.

I sent the log files and ksp via wetransfer to beta@luxion.com

Thanks for you help!

Niko Planke


I have had a look at the files you provided.

We can observe the problem on one of the Workers in our test setup.
As of now, it looks like the issue is exclusive to Workers running Windows 7.

We will investigate further to hopefully find a workable solution.

I will let you know if we find anything.

3D Off the Page

Thanks for the quick reply.  All of the workers are runnning Win7.


Niko Planke

Yes, I could see that on the Screenshot provided.

Would you be able to temporarily connect a worker using a different OS to confirm the observation of it being OS related?

Also may I ask, do all workers run the same Hardware?

3D Off the Page

I'll give it a try on one of our other farms running Win10.

Yes, the Win7 farm is made up of all the same hardware.