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Using render node with After Effects
« on: January 10, 2020, 10:44:43 am »
Hey all, we have a single HP Z8 64th machine that we have for network rendering, we use it about 50% of the time feeding it from 2 workstations. We have an After Effects animator that is starting to kick out some pretty hefty animations and has asked if he can piggyback some sort of network rending for using the node when we aren't. I figure I can install the monitor on his box so he can see what the queue looks like, and use it when we aren't but is there anything anyone has done special to allow this to happen smoothly? I've heard of 3rd party render managers, but not sure if that would work for load balancing if we are both rendering at the same time? We would like to give preference to the KS renders, but how to manage that? Anyone done this before?


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Re: Using render node with After Effects
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