run beta as a standalone ?

Started by designgestalt, January 12, 2020, 02:32:15 AM

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if I understood correctly, I can only just update my KS9 version to KS9.1.
however I am a bit anxious about my customer files and work.

I would like to play around with the beta version, but cannot risk my day to day work , I am a bit afraid of corrupt files.

so is there a possibility to install the beta version as a standalone version?
i.e. my KS6/7/8 are still running side by side on the same machine



You can install 9.1 and then copy the 'bin' folder with its contents from C:\Program Files\KeyShot9 to another location.
If you then reinstall 9.0, then you can launch 9.0 the regular way and 9.1 from the copied folder. Double-clicking keyshot.exe will launch KeyShot.

I hope that helps.



hello Dries,
thanks a lot for the weekend support !!
I will give that a try tomorrow!