UV Unwrap Add Seam Bug and a couple more

Started by HaroldL, January 11, 2020, 06:41:09 PM

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 While adding seams to a part the Add Seam option becomes unselectable after creating a couple of seams. I have to Cancel the operation and restart it and then it just repeats the same after reapplying a couple of seams.
The part is a front piece of a 6-drawer cabinet.The result I'm going for is to apply a Plywood texture similar to the Twisted Plywood example posted by Dries.
When I Cancel the UV Unwrap window KeyShot doesn't come out of Pause mode.

Also noticed that although I can use my 3D mouse in the main workspace and Geometry View it does not work in the Unwrap window.

Edit:I thought I'd upload a package file if anyone wants to do some testing on this.