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Animation question:
(KeyShot 8 Pro):
Can I stop my render of the animation at half time?
and work with the saved data of ( by now 147 frames)
instead of waiting until all 300 frames?
It has already taken 24hours

Now at CET time 01:47 (am) it´s 175 frames.
My first animation. I will improve rendersettings for next animation
But the question still: If stopping the animation now,
Will it be lost even at it´s current frame amount?
or is it saved in a file that can be opened
and of course with less seconds than 300 frames total

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You can render frames instead of the video file.
If you pause the renderjob, then check the frames.
Make your improvements and render at a specific frame to the end.
You can always control the path where the frames are stored and the name of the frames.
KeyShot is naming by default the frame number in the frame name to make sure not overwrite existing files.

In post you have to merge the frame files to a video file and doing all the other post stuff.

So quick answer: yes

Hope that helps


P.S. written on a mobile device

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Thanks a lot for this answer Marco!