Conveyor Belt Animation Advice

Started by WKSouthwest, January 31, 2020, 03:05:15 AM

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Good day everyone,

I'm not very familiar with the animation features of Keyshot, i don't use it very often. Is it possible for me to animate a conveyor belt, as the same motion it has, with perhaps coal on top as well to look realistic or would i have to look at using a different animation software? The actual product is a moving conveyor with 4 conveyor belts.

Attached a picture of roughly how the design looks (cant post the actual design, legally binded).

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!


To be honest, I am not sure that keyshot is suitable for complex animations, it will actually be necessary to work the animation in another software (C4D, 3DSmax, Blender,Houdini etc ...) then re-import everything into keyshot for the final rendering.  :)