Multi-Master Logins Request

Started by DMerz III, January 20, 2020, 03:45:10 PM

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The simple request would be having the ability to 'save' or bookmark multiple Host IP addresses.

We often use/switch back and forth between our dedicated 3DOTP service and our own internal farm. Typing in the IP+Port each time we want to go back and forth is a tedious task when you have to do it multiple times a day.

I would love to just have each 'manager' settings saved and be able to select and connect. This seems like a fairly straightforward UI request. It would even be useful for studios that don't utilize 2 services as we do.


Hi David,

This makes a lot of sense. I have logged it as an improvement request.


Morten Kristensen

Hi David,

Just to be sure. You mean to add this to the NR Monitor login dialog, right?