re-importing large files always hangs

Started by rfollett, January 21, 2020, 03:12:46 AM

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I have worked with KS for years now and one thing it has always done in all releases 7,8,& 9 is the following.

Create model in rhino, send to KS. add all materials and render. save .bip file .

later I open the rhino file and make changes to geometry, I then open the KS .bip file and from within rhino I send again to KS.

I goes throught all the updates until the end and just hangs.... saying DONE... but it is not done.. it never gets to the setup stage..


anyone interested in giving me an answer?


Erik Williams

Hello rfollett,

What version of Rhino are you using?
Also, can you tell me if you are using the KeyShot plug-in to import your updated file or are you importing it directly through KeyShot?
Lastly, how large is the image?


hello Erik,
working with both 5 & 6 rhino.. does same.
I use the plugin in rhino..
500mb files..

i see happen when I re-visit the next day, If on same day it is ok over and over again. But once close file and need to go back it seems an issue. Really painful if you have a large office file.. have to start again and re-apply all the materials

Thanks Rich

Erik Williams

Is KeyShot already open when you run into this issue and does this happen when pressing 'Render' with the plugin as well?
There are a few things I can check. First I would need a copy of your dxdiag file. Also if you could open your Event Viewer and send us all entries from around the time the system locks up, especially anything associated with KeyShot.

How to create a DxDiag log

    Press the Windows Key + R
    Enter "DxDiag" and run the command
    Press 'Save all information' and save the file in an easy to find location

In Event Viewer, go to Custom Views -> Administrative Events and look for all Errors around the time KeyShot locks up.
Copy the entries and send them as text files to
Address this to Erik Williams. I'll take a look as soon as possible to see if we can ID the issue.