Author Topic: Keyshot 7.3 Pro deleted files from render folder upon writing avi animation  (Read 191 times)

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Offline El Rudo

Can't believe this! A whole directory swept squeaky clean by Keyshot after writing the frames from an animation in to an avi. Not just the frame jpg's are gone, stuff like labels, some still renderings and an illustrator gone forever. Everything except the .bip was gone.
I tried to rescue some stuff by using undelete programs but it looks hopeless (I'm on SSD's, suspecting data on them to be more volatile than good old HD's). I've seen a couple of similar threads around this topic, the best tip is to keep the frame files and remove them manually.
This is 90's stuff guys not 2000's :o

I could recreate the labels in Illustrators quite easily and using clues from the Material settings tab I could find the exact file names so the labels at least were easily restored.