Kudos; Loving the added control to the output name settings

Started by DMerz III, February 04, 2020, 09:32:41 AM

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My team was just conversing about this problem a couple of weeks ago - how we wish there were more options or control over the naming coming out of Keyshot. Now in the latest beta - looks like our wishes have come true. Haven't done much testing with it yet, but the possibilities are now opening up, which is great because we have been trying to code some things in photoshop to automatically arrange output layers, etc. This has given us more power to do things there with our code.

Appreciate this new feature!


I haven't played with the 9.1 beta yet, but due to this I will now! This would be so awesome If it works with multimaterials and configurator outputs based on studios and model sets. I'm about to embark on a project that has products with 3 housing materials, 6 LED colors, 2 connection styles and 3 lens options. And possibly more variables. Being able to tag each of these into the filename would be a game changer for me.

Off I go to install!!



I would like to know how this goes for you. We have product with 39 seat colors and 9 laminate colors and others with different frame color powder coats. Some of our models can run into over 1000 combinations and the filename of each image must match the color code nomenclature of our SAP system so this could be a real time saver for us.


Perry (Furniture_Guy)


Yes, it works with the new Web Configurator so you can set it use custom text or based on active Scene Name, Model Set, Camera or Environment.