Timeline for release of 9.1

Started by HaroldL, February 06, 2020, 09:27:56 PM

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When is the close of Beta testing and the expected release of 9.1?


Hi Harold,

KeyShot 9.1 will be released on Monday, February 10.



Ok so was this a estimated date? I ask since Monday just slipped by with no announcement.
Also, I noticed that there is an update available that wasn't posted. Is this just another Beta update? And how will the final update to the Release version be handled, will it just be another update or a full install to overwrite the Beta installation?

Niko Planke

Hey HaroldL,

The release was Yesterday 10th of February, and it should be available on the update server.
Please check again using "Help->Check for updates".

The released version is 9.1.98.
You can double your current Version  Via "Help->About"


I tried to update through Keyshot 'check for updates'. It downloaded but would not install quoting 'Error opening file for writing...'.

I had to abort.


If "check for updates" is giving you trouble, you can try the full installer from here: https://www.keyshot.com/resources/downloads/


Tried both the update installer and the full installer and get this message. Just wondering whether to uninstall KS9 and reinstall...


It looks like you do not have the right permissions to install in that path.
You can try changing the permissions.

Go to the install path and right-click the folder
Select "Properties"
Disable "Read-only"
Go to the Security tab
Click the Edit button.  Ensure that all users have read and write permissions
Click Apply and OK
Click Apply and OK once more.

After that retry the installer, and if that still doesn't work then you can also try a full uninstall and reinstall.


You nailed it! I was installing 'just for me' and I should have been installing 'for anyone...'.