GPU Rendering: Turing vs. Pascal video cards, my informal testing

Started by mcramblet, November 26, 2019, 09:04:23 AM

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I was interesting in trying to find some hard numbers on the difference between the latest graphic cards series and the previous generation, but wasn't able to find much. I went ahead and purchased a RTX 2080 Ti (placed in an eGPU enclosure) to compare it to the GTX 1070 installed in my mobile workstation. Even with some performance loss (maybe) of going through the eGPU enclosure, the RTX 2080 Ti was close to 600% percent faster. The attached image took 9 minutes, 15 secs to render using only the GTX 1070. The same image using only the RTX 2080 Ti took only 1 minute and 35 secs to render. I'm not sure if this difference is only due to the number of CUDA cores or if the Optix ray tracing plays into this, as well, but I'm impressed.


The RTX cards definitely are some sweet puppies for GPU rendering.

Thanks for testing, Michael!



I work in multiple offices and have a lot of work travel, so all my CAD and rendering workflow is all on a MacBook pro.  I often set-up and queue my larger final renderings to run them overnight.  I'm just learning about eGPU's and they seem like a really nice option to hookup to when I am in the office.  Does anyone have experience and set-up recommendations using Macs with eGPU's for KeyShot renderings?


Unfortunately, Apple has disabled support for NVIDIA cards even as eGPU,  so this is not an option. You can use GPUs with network rendering, so you could put a windows or linux machine on your network and send the renders to this machine instead.


How about Windows through Bootcamp?  Would that allow me to attach an eGPU?


Quote from: br3ttj on February 24, 2020, 04:13:39 PM
How about Windows through Bootcamp?  Would that allow me to attach an eGPU?

Depends on what connection to the eGPU you would be using. But yes, it would work if you can get the drivers to talk because at that point you aren't running a Mac you are running windows, full version not through a translation layer like some of the emulators.