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Fix LiveLinking
« on: March 03, 2020, 06:21:50 am »
For the love of god, can we fix livelinking in the program?
When set to Manual updates only, it SHOULD NOT keep checking automatically! I get it that the plugins and livelinking need to use the same ports and pieces of the same code to run, but there has to be a way to split it out so that the checking for updates is a separate setting and action from the linking required to facilitate communication between the 2 programs. Activating the port range necessary for the link should in no way turn on automatic updating. The CAD program pushing data thru the plugin should begin the process, not Keyshot randomly stopping everything it's doing to check if anything is out there.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm now like 6 hours behind schedule because during a long set of renders, Keyshot decided to pop up a livelinking message box (which couldnt even do anything because was paused during the render) and after the first animation rendered has prevented the rest of the images from rendering, which puts me behind waiting for renders but also prevents me from queuing up new renders for tonight's run.

Long story short:
- Activating the livelinking port range (which is required by the plugins) should not turn on automatic updating
- When set to manual updating only within the plugin, Keyshot should not try to start an automatic livelink (ever!)
- If keyshot doesn't see the CAD program as even being open/running, it should not even attempt to start and automatic livelinking