Environment pins have reversed contrast

Started by Sid Hatrack, March 09, 2020, 03:41:47 AM

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Sid Hatrack

I am using KS9 on a PC.

In some of my HDZ environments I put pins with negative value to cover bright spots like the sun. I notice that when I open such environments in KS9 that were made in KS8 they come in reversed so that the pin area is adding light to the pin and reducing it for the rest of the image. The pins are not listed in the HDRI editor so I cannot just delete them.

Is there some way to reset the environment to its original state?

Eric Summers

You should be able to extract the HDZ, click on the fifth icon from the left under the HDRI editor tab. That will extract the HDZ (https://luxion.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/K9M/pages/1062445020/Adjusting+Legacy+KeyShot+6+and+earlier+HDRI+Environments)

Sid Hatrack

Thanks, that was it. I looked at those icons but missed that one.

Eric Summers

You're welcome! I had to extract pins from quite a few environments so I became very familiar with that icon.  ;D