Author Topic: bake components before adding a new group !!  (Read 72 times)

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bake components before adding a new group !!
« on: March 14, 2020, 04:27:52 am »
every year I hope this is fixed ....

I make a lot of renderings of products for visuals for one of my clients, that share a lot of components.
so my files are a cluster of parts in the end.
some of the products in the end will have some sort of turntable animation (it is a bit more complex than just a turntable, the products should rotate to bottom and top while rotating around themselves to show all sides!) , so I create multiple animations for one modelset and than copy them to the other products/ modelsets.
however, I can only copy one animation at a time (since I cannot choose multiple animations or maybe group them!) . Very annoying and time consuming!
the only workaround is to replace the product in the modelset.

yet either way I have to add all my components into a new group, in order to apply my animations to all of my parts!
when I do so I loose a lot of my labels and textures, which I have to manually re-position or in the case of textures re-scale.
sometimes the textures also change their projections style (i.e. form box to planar!). So basically I have to check every part with a label and every texture again!!

very annoying!!!

there should be a possibilty to "bake" your parts/ components once you have everything adjusted!
and there should be a possibilty to copy multiple animations at a time !

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