Water Droplets on Coated Cardboard

Started by Julia Reed, January 16, 2020, 04:00:46 PM

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Julia Reed

Hi all. I am pretty new at using material graphs but I needed to make a sheet of cardboard and found a tutorial online. Now though I need to put water droplets on top of the cardboard. I am trying to make the droplets "sit" on top of the cardboard so it looks a though it is coated with a poly coating. I tried using a bump to apply the water droplets and I got the result pictured here but I want them to be more reflective and pop more. I thought a solution may be to plug the droplets texture into roughness but it doesn't appear to be possible without forfeiting the mesh I used to create the visible fluting on the top sheet of the cardboard. I also tried plugging the droplet texture into displacement and then plugging displacement into the material bump but it wouldn't let me. Any ideas?


Your camera angle will make that difficult to achieve without displacement. The displacement node goes into the geometry node of the material. Search the forum for water drops and you will get a TON of info.

Julia Reed


When using a normal map, make sure you've checked "Normal Map" under the bump section (see attached image). It doesn't always get checked automatically when connecting a normal map and having it checked makes a big difference.


sorry wrong link  I ment this one


also if you used the displacement make sure to use photoshop gaussian blur for your texture so you can get a better displacement