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Started by germannick, March 11, 2020, 12:53:53 AM

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I discovered an ood behavior in KS 9.1.98. I tried to have a "brick" come towards a "drum" and than follow the rotation of the drum by 180°. Unfortunately the rotation pivot maintains its relation of the brick bevore it was moved toward the drum. I tried every option available on axis orientation, dynamic pivot Point vs pivot ppoint object Axis, Center, original...
I´ll attach a very reduced animation to just show the issue, not the real 3D model.

Does anybody have a workaround for this?


Hi Community, I know you are smart...Help!


At least I found out that as soon as any translation animation is introduced, the pivot points fall apart and function irrational


Germannick,I think you stumbled upon a Major bug in KeyShot. I just tried to recreate your animation and my results are even more confusing. As soon as the anim changes from Translation to Rotation the "brick" starts to skew instead of rotate about the cylinder.
This needs to be investigated by Luxion and soon.



It is not really a bug, it is more that the animation workflow at some points don't make much sense.

What you are trying to do is something that requires a very specific setup to work correctly.

Both the translation, and rotation animation nodes need to have the "Axis Orientation" set to "Original Local"
You will also need to go to Edit > Preferences > Interface and enable "Respect Animation Ordering"

This should solve the issue for you.
I have made the changes in the attached ksp.


Thank you Sune,

that was the trick that made sense and works.

I found a work around by introducing an hidden object at the original start location of the brick. That was as than picked as the pivot point. Why THAT made the brick rotate around the cylinder I have no idea, but it did.