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Candy wrapper esko + keyshot.

Started by oddname, October 21, 2019, 11:13:28 PM

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Hi there

I have a small issue. I am using esko software but I don't have the studio plugin so Im using my license of keyshot for the final touch up, rendering etc.
But I have seen you can make holes for wallracks etc on bags in studio and since it is nowadays compatible with keyshot those features should follow into keyshot
ergo. one should be able to recreate it in keyshot?   

What I want to do is below, a simple generated candywrapper, but the ends look way to strict, I want the typical jagged edge and for this I have made a uv-map that I want keyshot to use as a template to cut away in the scene. See attachments and tell me if this is possible in a simple way :)


Use the texture as an opacity map :)
To keep things easy to understand, use black/white images for opacity maps.