Author Topic: Dual EPYC 64cores ES: 17.05 (& 1014FPS) [UPDATED with KeyShot 10]  (Read 10854 times)

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Re: Dual EPYC 64cores ES: 17.05 (& 1014FPS) [UPDATED with KeyShot 10]
« Reply #15 on: November 17, 2020, 06:11:01 pm »
Congratulations for KeyShot10 release!

I've just tried KeyShot 10 and KeyShot Viewer 10.
It seems that their rendering engine have been improved from KeyShot 9 era.

Motherboard:   Supermicro H11DSi-NT Rev. 1.01 (with self-modified R2.1 BIOS for Zen2 Rome)
CPU:   Dual AMD Eng Sample 100-000000053-04, boosted ~2.7GHz(SMT-on), ~3.0GHz(SMT-off), 64 Core
RAM:   DDR4-3200 2R(Dual Rank) 16GB x16
GPU:   Quadro RTX 4000

# I've upgraded the system memory from DDR4-2666 to 3200,
# but it makes little difference about KeyShot performance...
# My guess: DDR4-2666 on EPYC's 8ch memory system is enough for KeyShot.

KeyShot Viewer benchmark results:
 CPU: 14.29(SMT-off), 17.05(SMT-on)
 GPU: around 32.8

Camera Benchmark:
  ~945FPS(SMT-off), ~1014FPS(SMT-on)

Finally my system breaks 1000FPS wall about the camera benchmark :)
It seems that the realtime rendering mode of KeyShot 10 can handle 256 threads better than before, at least.

Many thanks to Luxion team!!