.exr files cannot be opened

Started by germannick, March 13, 2020, 12:43:49 AM

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not all off my passes can be exported properly. Some .EXR files cannot be opened and used. I get the message "could not open....exr because of a programm error".
Surprisingly _ao.exr and _gi.exr are never affected by it but _shadow.exr and _depth.exr almost always. Very frustrating when the rendering took all night ( 9+ hours for a poster of 39 x 49 inches  )

Redering my images as a .psd and having all layers automatically added will make the entire PSD useless.

Also, is there a way to JUST render specific passes without the main image (png, jpeg etc.)?


Not sure if it will help with your problem but I can really recommend this free tool for opening .exr files with tons of extra options in Photoshop- PS is not ideal for .exr files by default.


it works great for a work around, awesome and 1000x thanks


Just to be clear here. This isn't a keyshot workaround. This is a Photoshop workaround. Adobe is the one screwing this one up, Not Luxion. It probably seems like I give them a hard time often enough, so wanted to stick up for them when I saw that.
you need the same plugin to open them from blender, which holds a Bunch more information that keyshot, like cryptomatte!!! BTW cryptomatte isn't All that great in photoshop even when you have it there becasause DOF doesn't actually work like it does in the native software.