GPU render size limitation

Started by andy.engelkemier, April 14, 2020, 05:43:32 AM

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Does anyone know if there is a set resolution restriction? 5K square wouldn't render on my 12GB card and that's my minimum size. I usually do 7K. Was just curious if that was documented somewhere.
Sure, I know that memory is a limitation Anyway. But my computer can render the file if I limit it to 6GB of usage, so I'm not sure that's it. Then again, it can probably cache things a whole lot differently.

I was just curious if I'll ever get to use GPU to render production work. Bunkspeed used to just split it into 4k square pieces, then stitch them all together. You still had to be able to load the entire scene, but there was no resolution limitation. Curious if that's coming for keyshot also. I'd like to know how to plan hardware. Right now I'm still leaning toward less graphics card and more processor.


splitting it to make rendering of greater resolutions work sounds like a fair part of the solution :-)

On the other site, adding another GPU (of same type and same memory size) will do the trick to double available memory via NVLink in KS 9.2


Oh interesting. That previously didn't work in Any software. I'm out of the technical loop these days.
Still, I'm on a laptop using an external GPU with thunderbol3. It only has one slot. We could do that on the render machines in the office though. Maybe we can look into that once we no longer have a buying freeze.
If things really slow down I'll just have our IT guy throw on of the cards in the machine just to test it out.

So has anyone rendered a scene on GPU at 7000x7000 yet? I couldn't even do 5K on mine.
BUT, I CAN render on GPU (with CPU also) in blender at 7K. And that was a 400MB file, so I'm not sure what Keyshot is loading that Blender isn't.


KeyShot will automatically split the image if it is too large. For offline rendering you should be able to render any resolution on the GPU. If not, please let us know, so we can address the issue you are seeing.


Oh, interesting. Thanks for the reply. I'll try it again.
My timelines are always really short, so if I try something new it really only gets one chance until I read something different (unless we have a lull)