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Keyshot UV Tiles tip
« on: April 28, 2020, 06:05:34 am »
Iam not sure if this is well known, I couldn't find much info about it online so I thought I would post it.

Did you know that Keyshot will read the UV Tiles that 3D Coat produces, these tiles can be converted to UDIMs inside Substance Painter where multiple sets can be worked and exported then re imported back into Keyshot via the UV Tile node

Ive posted some test pics….

tiles.jpg - shows the uv tiles displayed by plugging the UV Tile node (no image files) into the color input.

normal.jpg - shows 6x4k normal maps mapped onto the sphere which is a single object.

color_normal.jpg - shows the 6x4k normal maps and 6x4k color maps mapped onto the sphere.

I could to a more detailed walkthough if anyone is interested, let me know.


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