Specific issue with Keyshot SolidWorks plug in

Started by quigley, August 26, 2019, 11:15:12 AM

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We have a consistent issue with the Keyshot SolidWorks plug in. It was in SolidWorks 2018 and now SolidWorks 2019, in the current plug in (1.2) and the previous one (1.1) and apparent on all our machines when exporting to Keyshot .

Issues relate to parts that have been cut with an assembly cut in SolidWorks. When an assembly has assembly level cuts through parts, when that assembly is exported to Keyshot (via the plug in), the cut parts do not transfer to keyshot. If I export the assembly to STEP, and import the STEP file, all comes through, but we lose any face colours.

A related issue - we cannot directly open any SolidWorks 2019 file in Keyshot (we are using the latest SPs of both SolidWorks and Keyshot and the latest plug versions). This is how we used to get around the missing cut parts issue - by opening the file directly into Keyshot, but that fails now.

Any ideas? We cannot be the only ones seeing this.


I need to bump this one up as I really cannot believe we are the only ones suffering from this "missing parts" issue when using the SolidWorks plug in. I had hoped it would be OK in 9 but it is exactly the same. Is this a SolidWorks API issue? I keyshot plug in issue? Anyone at Luxion care to comment?

As an example, today I installed the latest plug in with Keyshot 9. Running in the latest service pack of SolidWorks 2019.

See the screenshots attached. SolidWorks file. Keyshot 9 file. Missing part. The same result if you use the plug as "export KS9 file" or directly to KS9 or update. Save the SOlidWorks file as a STEP and it is file but you lose all the material assignments.

The other thing is that KS9 (and KS8) do not import or directly open SolidWorks 2019 files. Error every single time. This is on two different machines.

I love Keyshot but this kind of thing is what drives us away to other solutions. Opening native SolidWorks files was a Keyshot USP. It used to be totally rock solid but in recent years this has steadily declined. Is it a Dassault thing - trying to get users to use Visualise? Or is it a Keyshot thing? Either way it is not great.



If possible I would like to take a look at your assembly. You can send it to me with this link.
Please included all parts in a zipped folder.

You should make sure that all part and assembly files are inside the same folder when importing.
You can also try clicking rebuild/regenerate the top assembly in your CAD software, then save your file and try to import once more.


A few cents:
- assembly cut aren't supported, so all geometry has to be on part level
- I guess the missing parts are Toolbox components and the top assembly doesn't know the path to the parts
- the missing surface color in the step is caused by the version. Step 203 doesn't support this. So use Step 214 or above like Step242 (if SWX support this
- using an interface like step or maybe better a parasolid file (x_t) converts the assembly cut geometry to the parts, keep structure and the current configuration and includes all components as well - and neutral formats can be update the geometry inside KeyShot as live linking enables, too.
-  the benefit of the plugin is the ability to transfer motion studies to the animation timeline

Hope that helps (as a Creo Parametric consultant, I am not deep into SWX)


PS: written in short form on a mobile



Just letting you know that the issue has been filed with the developers.



We have been able to reproduce a bug from your description. We are, however, not 100% sure that it is the same bug you are experiencing. Please send us a model showing the bug, as instructed by Sune, so we can verify it.

The bug we have reproduced seems to be on SolidWorks side. There is a workaround you can use, until it gets fixed:

  • In the FeatureManager Design Tree right click the cut
  • Choose Edit Feature
  • Save the feature (you don't have to change anything)
  • Send the model to KeyShot

Hopes this helps for now