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Control over anti aliasing
« on: May 18, 2020, 09:09:24 am »
Please provide control for anti aliasing in the Maximum Samples rendering option.

Animating high contrast areas looks like this ...
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Re: Control over anti aliasing
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hello Eugen,

hope all is good at your end ...!!

at least + 1 on this topic !!!
had this often enough as well...
do you have a workflow on how to solve this ? (in post ?)


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Re: Control over anti aliasing
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Re: Control over anti aliasing
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2020, 05:10:35 am »
Hi Dirk,
fortunately everything is quite good at the moment. Not the same gold miner experience like before, but we'll make it through this sh... Hope you're doing well too?

I don't have any good solution for that in post. In some cases I freeze one frame, track & matchmove the shot to mask the freezed frame over the original animation. It's matchmoving frame by frame and time consuming, but it works in some situations and helped me out on tight deadlines. I use the "Difference" overlay mode to match the underlaying animation better.

In some cases it can help to double the resolution and quater the samples. This way you can keep the render time at almost the same level and get a better anti aliasing in the rendering. Quartering the samples can lead to darker results in transparent materials and more noise in the shadows. You can increase the shadow quality to compensate this effect, but in cost of render time. Increasing AA samples would lead to higher render time anyway, so I don't bother here. Finally it will depend on the scene and materials you're using, if this workaround will work or not.