Blender Particle - Instanced Import?

Started by Ryan Day, June 17, 2020, 02:23:13 PM

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Ryan Day

I'm currently working on some tree models in Blender with a LOT of instanced geometry in them. Converting the particle system to a mesh results in a long import into Keyshot and very slow performance inside Keyshot. Is there a way to import the file so that Keyshot understands the instanced objects instead of accepting them all as unique items? I'm sure the coding on this would be difficult, but as Keyshot supports its own instanced object it would be awesome if it could also read it from other programs for the same performance and file size benefits. My .BIP file with 4 trees is 18GB, whereas each individual tree .FBX file is 25MB and the master Blender file is 8MB.

If it's not currently possible I'll create a feature request thread in the appropriate place