Author Topic: Material texture not updating in realtime window when replaced in GPU Mode  (Read 142 times)

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Offline tomlai

When replacing a texture, it is not updating in the real-time window when in GPU mode. Although when rendering the replaced texture is used.

On toggling off the GPU button to CPU Mode, the replaced texture shows up. This toggles back and forth when we press the GPU Mode button.

KS 9.3    |   Windows 10    |   Intel - i7 9750    |   NVIDIA GTX 1650 (latest drivers)
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Offline Justin A

Would you be able to supply the scene that you are experiencing this So my support team can run some troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance,
Support manager
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in Keyshot, apply TEST-S.png as label

Change content of label in external image editor and Over-write exsiting file.

Refresh the image in Keyshot,
Or even, "Replace and Retain Size"

In CPU Mode, the real-time view updates,
while the real-time view does not update in GPU Mode.

look at screengrab video gif
>Original label was on WHITE background
>Changed background to YELLOW in Photoshop, and resaved by overwriting.
>You can see that the material editor has picked up the refreshed label image while the real-time window,  keeps the original label
>Rendering is outputting with correct UPDATED YELLOW label
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@Justin Are you able to replicate this behavior on another computer?

Offline Justin A

I was having trouble replicating this one, the update was coming through even when using your workflow.
I'm going to have a few of my team run the same tests and see if we can emulate it.

Thanks in advance for the patience.

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My NVIDIA driver version