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Started by ray anderson, May 20, 2020, 07:05:41 AM

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ray anderson

Hello folks,   Not been using Keyshot for a while now.  Started using it again.  Attached are a couple of renders of a Siemens motor,  I would be grateful for any advice on how you experienced folks would improve them [ You would probably start from Scratch :)  Only lighting is from an Hdri.  I would like the shadows a bit stronger both on the ground and the model [ especially the cooling fins ]  There is no extra ground plane added only the default one.  Also the gloss is quite weak even though it is almost no roughness [ texture is added by a spray paint jpeg ]  All these problems PROBABLY relate to lighting.   I can certainly get better shadows in Vred  due to baking light and shadows  so there is obviously quite a few alterations to make to my  scene.


Try placing a wood pallet under it. This should give more realism and "dynamic" shadows. You could also try using the depth of field on the camera. You can also use the perspective feature in the camera to ensure that the environment and model have the same perspective.
Have a look at the shadows in the environment, and try to match them.