How to map a custom Globe?

Started by Aeonjoey, May 29, 2020, 01:52:05 PM

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Sorry if this is a total noob question - I need to model a couple of custom Globe products, and our vendor who compiled the globe imagery for manufacturing gave us a 2D pre-render of two halves of the globe, resulting in this when used as planar.

But I don't even know what to ask for, what kind of image should I be getting that wraps to a 3D globe from 2D artwork?

lol for now we can only show this angle.


If you UV Unrwap the globe into two parts then apply the top and bottom have as separate labels it should work. Might take some time to get the seems just right. This is a quick example.


Oh wow! Thanks @DerekCicero! I'm going to try that, I noticed uv unwrap was recently added and have been wanting to try it too, wish me luck!