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Tips for making a VR gallery
« on: June 04, 2020, 02:24:23 am »
Hi! I want to start off with that I really like the software, with minimal effort you can make some really cool stuff!

I had some questions regarding the performance. I work at a product design agency and we want to make a cool VR gallery where we can show off when there are guests. It is a hazzle to open each file of each product (takes a long time, which is not handy when the client is there). So we wanted to create something where we can view multiple products quickly. We made a gallery where you can see around 6 or 7 products. But it gets very laggy because of the large amount of triangles. Is there any way we work around this? We are open to all suggestions, toggles, tips on opening quickly, or anything else. Main question is, how can we show multiple products in a cool way without waiting so long?

We tried:

A. Putting everything in one gallery, but it lags too much, very low FPS.

B. Tesselate the products, but it is not enough by a long mile. Or is gets very very ugly.

C. Two rooms in one enviroment with a huge distance where you can toggle between them. Performance a bit better, but it gets a bit fuzzy/low res.

D. Two groups in one room where the first group toggle by animating them 1 million miles into the sky (so hopefully it won't get loaded). Still laggy.

E. Different Models Sets. I had high hopes for this, but I still have a feeling the other Model Sets are loaded in the background.

Any tips/background info about how stuff gets loaded? I am open to anything! Thanks!

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Re: Tips for making a VR gallery
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2020, 05:22:16 am »
Your option E. should actually be the right one. When you toggle between the model sets only the visible models are rendered - so you should get good performance.

But it will still need to load everything - so load time might still be high.

I would be very curious about your specific models and why they are slow to load or give low FPS. Are you allowed to share them with us?

Regards. Jesper
Director of Products.