Render in PERFORMANCE MODE for animation preview

Started by Ivan Loewen, June 05, 2020, 11:24:05 AM

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Ivan Loewen

I'm looking to render fast, low res/quality frames for an animation preview. Performance mode would be a perfect setting but it reverts to other lighting presets. I saw a reply by Will Gibbons a while back that said it will revert to Basic lighting even if set to performance mode. Is this still true? Seems odd to me why you couldn't use the performance preset.

My current workaround is selecting Basic, turning off self shadows, turning off any physical area lights, and decreasing ray bounces to 1 or 4, depending if I want my glass to be clear. That's a pretty fast render.

Again, this is just for a quick animation preview, hundreds of frames, lighting not important. Does anyone have a better option or workflow for this?