PTC Creo V7.0

Started by mikeybabes, May 13, 2020, 11:35:32 PM

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Plugin runs on PTC Creo v7 but does not send any data as a live link plugin, PTC Creo v6 worked fine.
I presume the newer features need an updated plugin to correctly support.
As plugins says v3 and greater.


I am running PTC Creo 7.0 and didn't change the compared to Creo 6.0 in that detail.
It works fine, just experienced some problems with Multi-Body Parts which didn't transfer to Keyshot.

@Mikeybabes: Did you solve your problem?


Yes if you use the multi-body then you only get the first body transferred over.
I think they need to do an update to fix this, as multi-body is one of the nicer features of Creo v7 is a shame to just having to merge all the time for sake of the plugin.