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Started by eoyilmaz, June 17, 2020, 03:37:30 AM

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Dear Keyshot developers and users,

I am a Pipeline Tools developer. One of my clients requested me if I can integrate Keyshot 9 in to CGRU/Afanasy ( which is an OpenSource render farm manager that I'm helping to develop. To be able to add Keyshot to the system I need to be able to revoke render commands from command line. I checked the documentaiton ( and it seems possible. But I wanted to be sure before creating a quote for the client.

So here is my question, is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

Niko Planke

Hello eoyilmaz,

You can run python scripts in headless mode and start renderings via that and pass the render options as arguments.
When doing so not all scripting functions are supported. You can find all supported commands here:

You can find a more detailed documentation about the scripting functions here:

I am not entirely sure what you refer to with revoking render commands.
I assume you are referring to canceling an active render?

That would require the KeyShot  process to be stopped.

If you need one of the python functions that is not supported in headless, you can start KeyShot in GUI mode via the command line and run a script by omitting the
"-headless" argument. This would of cause require a screen to be connected.

I hope this answers your question.


Hey Niko thank you very much for your answer. You supplied all the information that I need. Thank you!