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Started by andy.engelkemier, May 26, 2020, 05:13:50 PM

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Any way to get camera distortion in keyshot? I can do it fine in blender, maya, 3dsMax with just a few clicks. But in keyshot I have to actually Model a lens? That seems rather inefficient....and difficult? I'm just trying to match some backplates here.
Yeah, if you have One central could do a reasonably ok job in photoshop with a lens correction effect. Granted, that effects your image quality, and Also doesn't work in perspective. So if you have more than one object where one is quite close to the camera, and one is far away, your results will be so far from accurate that it will look....well, like you did it in photoshop. I Love photoshop tricks, so long as no one knows I did something in photoshop. That's how you know it was successful.

Eugen Fetsch

In Blender lens distortion is a post production effect applied in the compositor. It's very rare that somebody needs this effect in the render. So, I would suggest to drag and drop the KS render in the Blender compositor and distort it there. I do it the same way not only for lens effects, but for all kind of post effects. Trying to keep my renders as clean as possible from that. The only difference, I use BMD Fusion for that. This tool is by far more convenient as Blender.