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Started by Martin, November 11, 2020, 05:55:05 AM

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Hey :)

I am working on a small animation and are done with all the sequences, where I change between various cameras. I have been using the same enviroment/lighting settings through out the complete animation. My question is if it is possible to add or change the enviroment/lighting for each single camera here afterwards without having to create new cameras.

Another question. In the animation i would like the shadow effect from a groundplane, but I dont want the groundplane to be visible in the horizon line - it should be infinite. How do I achieve that? I have tried with a backdrop ramp and backdrop round, but that dont work when the animation forexample do a turntable 360 degree

Thanks for your help

Best Martin


Hello Martin.

You can use studios to combine camera(s), environment and model sets. The switch between these, you can use the studio switch event (RMT on the studio --> animation -> studio switch event). Or you can render several video files and blend them in post.

Another solution might be, that you can animate the backdrop ramp or backdrop round, too. So if the camera moves clockwise around the part, the backdrop object can rotate clockwise as well to stay normal to the camera.

Hope that helps