using configurator to change color of labels?

Started by CodyBrown, June 22, 2020, 10:52:55 AM

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im working with getting configurations set up and some of the decals and stripes on our engines are applied as labels.

in the configurator i can use that to change the paint thats applied to parts and geometry but every time i do that the labels disappear. my solution was having the decals on their own model set so i can change geometry but the decals remain.

now i need to change colors of the decal stripe on the fly and need to add that to the configurator. is there a way to use the configurator to target labels? or a way to get just a label by itself not applied to any geometry, almost like floating geometry itself?


If you create a Multi-Material and apply the labels to the different Material options you should be able to switch between the different labels.