BOXX APEX T3 AMD Ryzen Threadripper 32 core (64 hyperthreaded); 772 fps!

Started by Speedster, August 01, 2020, 08:04:05 AM

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Hi all!

Been quiet lately, as I've been so busy with medical device designs, as you can imagine.  I'm seeing masks in my sleep!

Anyway, I just installed my new BOXX Apex T3  liquid cooled 64 core Threadripper, and she screams!  Almost scary how fast it is!  It replaces my 7 year old 16 core BOXX.

Camera benchmark renders at 772 fps!  I'll be running hyperthreaded at 62 cores, which leaves room for concurrent work.

FYI: I'm a BIG fan of BOXX Technologies, and highly recommend their machines for build quality and rock solid performance.  May be a bit pricy, but you get what you pay for IMO.  Mine is teamed with an EIZO monitor, ditto opinion!

Bill G



Especially when comparing to

just WOW!

At which frequency is this machine running when working for more than some minutes under full load ("steady state")?
And what's CPU's temperature doing this?

Would mind sharing 32core/32thread numbers?


Not being a computer guy, I'm not sure I can answer everything.  But here's a try!

AMD RYZEN THREADRIPPER 3970X (3.70 GHz) 32 core.  I run hyperthreaded at 62 cores. Liquid cooled.
Win10 Professional Workstation Edition.  This was highly recommended for BOXX high-end machines.
64 GB DDR4-3200 MHz, (4-16GB DIMMS)  Whatever all that is!
M2 storage: 1.0 TB SSD
Hard drives: 2 x 2.0 TB SATA 8 Gb/s
NVIDIA Quadro RTX-4000 8GB

Now, this is one of my largest SolidWorks assemblies, and has been a real beast to render even on my 16 core machine.  It's HUGE! .bip is 3.51 GB.  So this was a more reasonable test, and was way faster than before. And the fps is more in line with what I was expecting.

I have not baked it out yet to check the cpu temps, but will when I have the time.

Also, it came with a BOXX T-shirt!

I'm a happy camper so far!

Bill G


Many thanks!

looks awesome :-D

if you have a quite minute: would you mind running Keyshots new next gen official benchmark and share a screenshot of the results?
It's part of the viewer package and just push the button and wait. Here's the How TO:



I downloaded and installed the KeyShot Viewer- painless!  Kinda neat!

Ran the benchmark test.  Here's the results, but I have no idea what they mean!  I design medical devices, not computers!

CPU: 8.69

GPU: 26.36

I do know that the 201 million polys suck!

Bill G


many thanks!!

damn fast for 32 cores or 128cores are pretty slow ;-)

Used your results for some comparison math in