Creating sewing seams in upholstery.

Started by DaveD, July 12, 2020, 04:32:03 PM

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I have created some sofa cushions in Blender that I would like to render in Keyshot.  Is it possible to add seams to these inside Keyshot or would they need to be modelled in Blender?

These won't be used in any up-close images so I'm really just trying to find an efficient way to give the idea of seams being there.

Thanks for your help.



Blender Guru recently uploaded a Sofa tutorial. In 6th part You might find what You need:

I myself not that proficient in Blender, so not sure if this is something what You could take to Keyshot easily.

Eugen Fetsch

It is possible to add seams in KS, but it would be much harder than in Blender (IMO).
KS has a UV unwrapping feature - if you gemetry has support loops for the seamt, it should be doable.


You can't make actual stitching geometry in KeyShot. You'd need to do that in Blender, etc. You can use a displacement map to create a similar effect:


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replies.  I saw Blender Gurus tutorials which are very good.  It seems as though you need to be applying your materials in Blender in order for his method to work - I could be wrong though.

I'm not looking to show real stitching, just a basic line, indented look or shadow that is visible when rendered from a distance to give a more realistic look to cushions.  I was thinking it may be able to be done with UV wrapping and an image or texture.

I'll keep looking into it.

Thanks again