3D Printed parts and displacement threaded rods

Started by KDRT, August 22, 2020, 01:55:12 AM

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This is my first post here, and I didn't find this one fitting to be in the Gallery of amazing shots.
I've fiddled around with this open source 3D printer file and aimed to get the lines of the 3D prints in the pritned parts.
You'll see that I get the lines correct on some parts , other times they go diagonally (see middle part) when the I get the lines to fine, if any tips let me know?
My first thoughts go out to working with a bump map that already has finer lines.

I'm quite pleased with some of the threaded rods, although it's a delicate search when applying the material on a rod with a different diameter or orientation.
Let me know what you think  ;)


Maybe you've already tried unlinking the materials of the 3D printed parts that are not aligned properly. If not then do. Then use the Move tool to rotate the texture the way you want it -- be sure to select Center on Part. You may need to split the surfaces to get a different texture pattern on the end surfaces of the 3D printed parts since there is a pattern of the filament on the start and end surface. If you have SolidWorks then apply a different appearance in SW for those surfaces.

IF you have SolidWorks I would highly recommend that you model the threads in it rather than trying to have KeyShot create them. If you do model them in SW then apply a different appearance to the sides of the thread form so you can apply a texture in KS to show the machining marks for realism.