Do new Radeons RX6000 will work in GPU mode?

Started by Radace, November 01, 2020, 01:20:36 AM

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Eugen Fetsch

Quote from: andy.engelkemier on November 05, 2020, 06:08:54 AM
Aaaaand, what's your secret for getting enough work where your running your farm for 8 hours every day? lol
Mostly networking in a video / film making industry - image film and product film makers. The key here is, that most of my clients have their models already shaded in KeyShot for catalogues and they seek for a KeyShot animator who can take it from there. When a whole crane, a mobile home or a concrete factory is finally shaded in KeyShot, it is more time effective to stay in this software. Most other projects I do in Blender. But even for those projects, since I have my own 128 core setup, I don't use external farms so often anymore. That saves me a lot of the given budget money.
Before 2016 it was different. Most of the clients didn't use KeyShot, so I used KS just for CAD data conversion into Blender.  ::)


That makes sense. There isn't a whole lot of film industry here, and what there is, the budget isn't huge. And the auto industry is familiar with near perfect realism in animation, so I wouldn't dream of trying to take a job like that without having an animation team with specialists for things like vehicle rigging, probably a CAD data transfer/storage person, particle effects, compositor, and well, you get the picture. Shoot, when you see a vehicle commercial where you can actually tell it's a render right away you kind of feel like that vehicle is pretty crappy.

That's the main reason I use keyshot as well. I work with industrial designers and engineers. The designers already use keyshot, and most of the clients also have designers who use keyshot. Sometimes the "CAD" they give me ends up just being a keyshot file. It really sucks when they imported without including NURBS data, so I'm stuck with a .1 mesh tesselation preset and they're like...."just run with it."

Since my work is mostly related to product design, I end up getting lots of work at once, then none for a while due to product release cycles all pretty much being the same. Which is a big reason I also do other types of work as well.

But a big benefit to working with a bunch of other designers and engineers is you have extra machines around all the time you can make use of for render farms. Less so now that everyone is moving to laptops though. Sometimes technological advancements work against me. Better laptops means I don't have 50 machines sitting around overnight.