Will KeyShot offer a plugin for the new Solidworks 3Dexperience cloud version?

Started by generalmotion@gmail.com, September 16, 2020, 11:30:45 AM

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I just did a demo of the new cloud-based version of Solidworks.  The engineer said it will not support the existing Keyshot add-in.  Can you confirm this? I use Solidworks' motion study and the existing add-in to output animations to Keyshot often. Is KeyShot developing a solution for this new platform? Is there a known workaround? I imagine I could output a mesh file and import it into KeyShot but that does not help with animation as far as I can see.


Hi, apologies for the delay. Are you referring to 3D Design or 3D Sculptor products or SOLIDWORKS with the 3DEXPERIENCE connector? If it is the latter, yes it will work. We currently do not have add-ins for the 3DEXPERIENCE apps (3D Design, 3D Sculptor, etc).

For the products without and add-in, as long as you can export the 3D model, it will open in KeyShot. Let me know if you have other questions.


They showed me a new version of Solidworks made to work with 3D Design and 3D Sculptor called "3DEXPERIENCE
SOLIDWORKS".  The version of Solidworks they showed me would be subscription only and would save data to the cloud with built-in version control etc. They said no plugins would work at all. Including Keyshot and Solidcam etc. The functionally I'm concerned with is the ability to output a motion study to Keyshot.