Author Topic: [Now Open] KeyShot 10 Beta Program  (Read 629 times)

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[Now Open] KeyShot 10 Beta Program
« on: September 10, 2020, 06:56:15 am »

Luxion is excited to announce KeyShot 10 Beta!
Today begins the 'open invite' for KeyShot 10 Beta. This is open to any KeyShot user, however, we are looking for participants who have the time and knowledge to actively engage in the beta testing process.
We will accept 20-25 new users per week. The total beta tester group size will be based on participation. Users will be selected with the goal of developing a cross-section of experience and background.

How to participate:
You will be sent a weekly update of KeyShot 10 Beta for testing along with details on new features. The goal is to provide feedback and/or content in the following areas:

Animations: Full animations (e.g. exploded view) or snippets that effectively demonstrate the new animation features in KeyShot 10.
Hero Shots: Images that clearly capture a KeyShot 10 feature or simply show the power of KeyShot!
Scenes: Scenes that simply communicate a KeyShot 10 feature or a mix of features that show a range of capabilities in KeyShot.
Materials: Materials that demonstrate new capabilities in KeyShot 10 and may be uploaded to KeyShot Cloud.
Models: Models that serve to demonstrate KeyShot 10 features and may be uploaded to KeyShot Cloud.
Bugs: Bugs that are unique to KeyShot 10,accepted and fixed by the KeyShot development team.

We will tally individual contributions and provide an individual upgrade or full license discounts of KeyShot HD or Pro up to a maximum value of the full retail price of KeyShot Pro ($1,995).

Luxion will maintain full discretion to evaluate the quality of participation. Generally, a submission of one approved item for each of the categories above (so six items in total) would receive a 25% discount code.

Please note: Anything submitted may be used by Luxion across the entire KeyShot release schedule (10.0, 10.1. etc) and may at times be shared with key partners (such as NVIDIA). If you have limitations on the items provided, please make it explicitly clear at the time of submission. None of the work provided will be sold/provided to third parties outside of direct Luxion-driven support, sales, and marketing needs. All work will be credited to you [Image: Example User] when applicable.

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Re: [Now Open] KeyShot 10 Beta Program
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2020, 07:07:30 am »
small request, but anyway we could get a custom icon for the Beta so that it appears different in my taskbar?