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Render Queue Requests
« on: September 16, 2020, 11:29:16 am »
Been a while since I've stacked my render queue with more than a half dozen renderings.  I'd forgotten about a number of wish list items I've been wanting over the years.  To get the ball rolling, however, I'm wondering if the render queue could live outside KeyShot as a separate entity, much like 2D and 3D printing queues.  Maybe that'd make it easier with the following wish list requests:

1. Ability to Export Render Queue - I often build render queues during my workday on my MacBook Pro and then let them run overnight.  I especially like how I can add to the queue from different KeyShot files.  However, as we have 2 KeyShot Pro licenses, often I'd like to push some of my renderings, and especially long animations out to my dedicated rendering PC.  KeyShot doesn't include the render queue in my package exports.  Is there another way to do this without rebuilding the rendering queue on a separate machine?

2. Ability to Review & Revise Queue While a Rendering is Processing - I may be an hour into a 2 hour rendering, and yet I'd like to review my queue (with large thumbnail preview), reorder, and maybe add or subtract from the queue, or rename jobs without interrupting or cancelling the current rendering.

3. Ability to Readjust Render Settings After Rendering Queued or Even Processed - Did I select max time or max samples?  Did I forget my clown, labels or other pass?  Did I pick .jpg instead of .png with an alpha channel?  If I've started my queue, this gets to be a pain.  To be honest though, sometimes I'd like to do this to a previously run rendering, because I may have changed environment, materials or other things and don't want to have to rebuild my scene.

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