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animation - scale multiple durations as group
« on: September 25, 2020, 11:23:59 am »
Right now, if you select multiple animations and change the duration, it changes all of them at once, but it changes them individually. It doesn't scale. So if you try and drag them, if one is 1 second, it will only even let you drag close to 1 second. And it just removes that much time on all of them without moving them.

But have 15 tracks layered, and you think....."you know, this would look better about 30% faster." Well, there's just not a great way of doing that. But wouldn't it be great to just select all of them, move the cursor to the beginning (which is what I would use as the "scaling" pivot point) and just drag out to 13 seconds to increase the time by 30%? That's Much less math to have to figure out.