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Started by mattjgerard, September 08, 2020, 07:58:22 AM

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So, thanks to the great response from my other post, I've gone ahead and bought a bunch of renderpeople models, and for the most part they work great for what I need. Not to heavy, def on the price/quality slider they are right in the middle. But, now that i have them in the emergency projects I needed them for I'm trying to rebuild the materials to look better and I'm a bit lost. I'm not sure I can post the ones I bought, but there are a couple free ones on thier site. I'm using the Cinema 4d ones, but I think all the maps are the same. The spec maps seem to be just masks, there's no grey in them at all, and there are many masks for the different parts of the model, so if I use a bunch of color composite nodes to map them all in one material, it will end up just masking out the entire model, which applys the same spec settings (all white) to the whole model. Bump maps seem to be ok, but just ok at best.

Do I need to really start taking these models apart ad appying different materials to really take these up a level?

Here is the free model page, I was playing around with the guy in the middle.

Without more maps or better maps is there anything I can do?