Heeelp weird texture

Started by superfreakkk, September 05, 2020, 09:07:24 AM

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Hi, I really need help. My model have a weird texture going on and I can't figure out what is wrong, this was made in clod3d.
I have this skin cracked texture on my model.

Somebody can tell me what I'm doing wrong??

Thank you. :)


This forum is so amazing, a lot of help in here. Awesome community. 10/10.


You do not give much information to help you, it would be interesting to know your settings to consider a solution (indoor mode or product mode) HDRI or physical lighting, for my part and in view of your image I would rely more on a geometry problem , try to edit and recalculate the normals in keyshots at first, this can also be due to the export format in your software if it gives you the possibility to export in several formats obj, fbx, alembic try them alternately, it often happens that the results are not identical and sometimes better a specific one. (a high res shot focus on the weird area should be great to see better what happens).
And be zen and patient there is lot of people here that could help you, don't forget that most of them do not receive money from luxion and have a full time job  ;)