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Started by caden2010, November 03, 2011, 06:52:24 AM

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Hi, I am working on (rendereing) a reasonably complex assembly at the moment. Normally I use Pro-E Wildfire 4 and from there export to KeyShot. As I have recently installed Creo I thought that I would install the Creo to KeyShot plug-in. All went well and is working perfectly.

Only question is file size. I exported the same file from Creo and Wildfire 4 and got 2 very different file sizes. WF4 - 203Mb and Creo 3Gb. Settings (as far as I can tell ) were the same using a tessolation of 0.15.

Can you please advise what I am doing wrong. For info the file from Creo in KeyShot runs just fine, does not appear to be any worst than the 203Mb file!

I have added a couple of images to show you the file sizes and also the assembly that I am working on.

Regards, Stuart


I know - even at low tessellation value this CREO plugin is delivering pretty hefty files. We will address this.

Thanks for the feedback - can't wait to see the rendering!


Hi Thomas, thanks for the quick reply. I will hold off using the Creo plug-in for now.

It will be a while before the rendering is finished but I will post in on the forum when it's finished.

Regards, Stuart