Rendering single Still image from animation timeline

Started by tomlai, January 07, 2021, 01:20:37 PM

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Prior to KS 10, rendering using Rendering Still Image outputted the frame selected by the Current Time Indicator in the timeline.
In KS 10, it just renders "Frame 1" of animation, regardless of position of Current Time Indicator position.
So it does not render the image as shown in the real-time window, but renders "Frame 1" of the timeline.

What has changed?


I'm not sure if this is a "feature" or a bug but you're right, it doesn't work the way it used to.

Regardless, you can easily do what you want to by using the Animation output tab instead. Set the Time Range to Frame Range and enter the number of the frame you want. In the example below, I want only frame 103 so, it's: from 103 to 103 resulting in only a single frame being output. Be sure to check Frames Output so it saves the still frame. This will give you the exact same result as what you were used to doing the in previous versions.


Just because I have something ANIMATED in my scene. I does not mean that I have set up the whole scene for animating output.
There are various applications of ANIMATION time line to nondestructively set up geometry in different positions to be grabbed as and when required.

Creating Model Set after Model Set for various positions of an object is destructive as KS conveniently forgets the original position/angle/scale of the object
If I want to grab a scene for a look at a particular frame, its intuitive to press render to grab the frame as showing in the real time view.
What benefit could there have been to remove this "facility" and replace it with a clunky interface that:

A Renders a STILL frame into the Render Animations folder. And not into the stills RENDERS folder!

B Requires so many extra steps of
    1 Identifying the exact frame number
    2 Setting the render frame Range  ( enter the same number in TWO DIALOG BOXES !!!!)

I have a feeling that this is a deliberate action by the developers, but to whose benefit???
Workflow Workflow Workflow guys!!!!!!!

Please restore this functationality

So if a scene is paused at a position on the timeline.

Realtime view shows geometry in a particular configuration
You click render.
You get FRAME 1 !!!!!!! Not the real-time window view!!!!!


I agree with you that this workaround isn't an ideal solution. But workarounds are regularly more steps than needed. It will be fixed in the next release, I hope.
Just write a nice support ticket, without so many unnecessary '!'



The several !!!s come after leaving the machine to render a large series of random frames for the first time in KS10 overnight to see that they are all "Frame 1" in the morning.


While I agree that it makes sense for the render results to match what's in the real time window, a lot of your other complaints here are really not all that valid. I'm not going to go through them one by one but suffice it to say, you're making a way bigger deal out of this than it is, and making it out to be way more work that it actually is. It's not hard to do what you want to do here.


Its about a change in software behavior that has been present since Version 1.
Was there a need to change it?

I hope KS is leading me to a better workflow by doing this.

Who gains from getting frame 1 every time we click render still image?